The Montmartre Specialist!
  Our patron saint, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec!

  Paris, France        


The Walks


Teachers: Our walks are ideal for students and schools groups. Please tell us if you are with school! We can work with you to incorporate your curriculum into our current content.


American Veterans: We love you! Veterans receive a 10% discount on all walks!


The majority of our city walks are from 2.5 to 3 hours long, based on an average, comfortable walking pace.


MONTMARTRE: SAINTS AND SINNERS:The village of Montmartre has been associated with the likes of Toulouse-Lautrec, Edith Piaf and Dalida! But there is more to this fascinating area of Paris than mere entertainment. And the lives of those names we know were as complex as Montmartre, a mix of joy and misery, beauty and grime, saints and sinners! Discover the real Montmartre from its true history to its public image and learn why the world continues to fall in love with one of the most incredible neighborhoods in the world!    3 hours,  Private tour for up to 6 persons 289 Euros. More than 6, add 29 Euros per each additional person.


THE ECLECTIC RIGHT BANK:  If you are a fan of such stories as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables or even the Da Vinci Code, this is the walk for you!  Discover the eclectic Right Bank starting at Notre Dame and winding through the streets Victor Hugo made famous! Learn the sometimes brutal and always politically incorrect history of the center of Paris. On this 3 hour walk you will discover the history and legends that have made the Right Bank of Paris, in our humble opinion, the true Paris!  3 hours, Private tour for up to 6 persons 249 Euros. More than 6, add 29 Euros per each additional person.


PARIS UNDER THE OCCUPATION: 1940-1944: This three hour walk will take you through the dark days of WWII and the occupation of Paris. Discover the way of life of Parisians during these years including those who resisted and those who collaborated! Visit the locations of famous and infamous events and hear the stories of ordinary people that were touched by the war, from a ten year old Jewish boy to a 44 year old American and more! 3 hours, Private tour for up to six persons 249 Euros. More than 6, add 29 Euros per each additional person.


On this eclectic orientation walk of the Left Bank, you will discover the true Latin Quarter by visiting the true gems of the magnificent and very ancient part of Paris! These are the must-sees and the hidden jewels, the hidden nooks and crannies and the opulent spaces going back to the Medieval Period and all the way back to the Romans! A fabulous mix of revolution, writers, Romans and colorful characters that have made the Left Bank their home for over 2000 years! 2.5 hours Private tour for up to 6 persons 249 Euros. More than 6, add 29 Euros per each additional person.

NEW! Ethnic Paris

On this half-day walk, you will discover 3 of the major ethnic neighborhoods of Paris including Chinatown, Little India and Goutte D'Or, the African "quartier". On this walk you will learn about the ethnic diversity of Paris, immigration and modern day issues affecting social and political life in Paris. As well as discovering the flavors , sights and sounds that prove that ethnic Paris is what the city has always been about! And have no fear, there a no "no-go-zones" in Paris! ( This walk will include one metro ride.) Private tours for up to 6 persons 312 Euros. Each additional person 29 Euros.

NEW!  At Home in Paris!

Enjoy a two hour walk and talk with a guide who can show you the ropes when you arrive in Paris so you can really feel like a local! This is a lovely way to get to know your new neighborhood in Paris and ask all of those questions you have been thinking about for weeks! The first 30 minutes or so you will enjoy a coffee with your guide a local cafe near your hotel, enjoying an introductory discussion on Paris history, logistics, culture, best places to shop, to eat, and on! You will then venture out to discover your neighborhood, its bakeries and cafes, it shops , restaurants and of course, its interesting attractions!  Perfect for anyone traveling alone or with others. 2.5 hours. 249 Euros for up to 6 persons. Each additional person 19 Euros.  Full day At Your Service Add On also available.


MONET'S GIVERNY: This full day excursion is recommended for those who want to experience the near-French countryside and a visit to the village, home and gardens that Claude Monet called home for over twenty years. This day includes an easy stroll for the average walker from the village of Vernon to Giverny, coffee stop, guided tour of village, unguided or guided visit to the home and gardens, lunch at a village restaurant and then you are free to explore the may gift shops, museums and cafes in the village. Please contact us for rates. Seasonal, April through October.