The Montmartre Specialist!
  Our patron saint, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec!

  Paris, France        




Our walks are ideal for school groups and can be customized to meet the needs of your curriculum. Contact us with your requests.

A few ideas for your next trip to Paris...

French classes


The Opera

Live theatre

Pilgrimage and prayer


Fitness training

The Tango and dancing!

Wine tasting


Chocolate tasting



Little India


Textiles and fabric tours

Fashion and shopping

And so much more...










Groups and custom itineraries

Do you organize a group of some kind somewhere in the world? Contact RightBankWalks to create a custom itinerary for a fabulous experience in France.


Our custom walks are designed to take you through the well known, the lesser known and the unknown! RightBankWalks will work with you personally to create a unique experience in France for you and your group. Social groups, school groups, women's groups, walking clubs, church groups, foodie clubs and more...whoever you are, we can build a walk just for you!


Custom itineraries can be based on purely cultural themes or they can incorporate other interests such as fitness and sports, theatre, music, art, language learning, cooking, faith and spirituality, dance, food and cuisine, wine studies and more.


Whether you want to walk just a few kilometers per day or create a more rugged experience, RightBankWalks will create a one of a kind visit that you will be the highlight of your trip!