The Montmartre Specialist!
  Our patron saint, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec!

  Paris, France        



L'Amour, toujours, l'amour!

RightBankWalks is first and foremost, a labour of love. Our walks are inspired by our love for Paris, as a destination and as the greatest walkers city in the world! We love the Parisian way of life and our goal is to bring it to you, through walking with us, down its grand boulevards and its little cobblestone streets.


Our goal is to provide unique and memorable walks to the English speaking tourist, resident and culture junkie from whatever part of the world they hail. We are communicators at heart and welcome dialogue with our guests. We want you to learn and experience through our walks


Our walks range in duration from 2 hours to full day experiences. We focus on the areas found on the right bank of Paris, but also venture outside of Paris and from time to time, even onto the left bank! We have a special affinity for the stories of people and the arts.


The Montmartre Specialists!

We strive to be known as the Montmartre specialists. It is, hands down, our favorite area in the city and we believe it deserves a special tribute and more historical treatment, accuracy and exploration than the average walking tour provides. We communicate the true history of Montmartre and its cast of colorful characters.


We welcome individuals and groups throughout the year. Contact us anytime for information and to book your walks.


See you soon in Paris!




RightBankWalks is a project of RightBankCommunications

The Guides

The guides at RightBankWalks each have a unique background that has made them the perfect hosts for the city of Paris. Many of the guides are full-time teachers and professors during the academic year. As such, we pride ourselves on having mature guides that are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the city of Paris, French culture, language, the arts, history, architecture and a host of other topics that enrich each tour. The walks of RightBankWalks have been fully researched and studied, literally, for years. Yes, indeed, our walks are the culmination of years of study, exploration and independent research. Our guides are Francophiles, history lovers, communicators and educators who enjoy sharing the city of Paris with you.


What is so special about our walks?

Our walks all contain history, research, people, events and information that are not discussed by other providers. Our research has uncovered the hidden stories and forgotten people that formed the city and history of Paris. Our walks are enriched by ongoing research and passion for the topic. You receive the popular history that may be well known to you as well as a look at the lesser known and the unknown...the intriguing stories of incredible people and events that deserve to be told once again!


You get what you pay for:

There is a nasty trend out there on the Paris landscape of tour companies that use inexperienced guides who literally buy a script, memorize it and regurgitate it back to their clients, getting paid in tips. These tours often contain poor research and at times, outright fabrication of information. We are NOT those guides. 


Quality is our promise

We pride ourselves on quality, well researched and enjoyable tours.